“Just wanted to re-emphasize how satisfied I am with your quality,
and the customer support is incredible.”


Your attention is appreciated. It shows concern for your customers and I am GREATLY
impressed by a company with such a high volume showing such personalized attention.
It’s another reason that I chose you for my high volume print jobs.
Kathryn L. Graphics Designer

Hello Bob,
I received your information from a recent client of yours, Anthony  B. who highly recommended
your services. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Kristina

I have to be honest. I am not usually honest, but in this case I have to come out and say it out loud.
I am sorry to have to say that over the email, I wish I have the balls to say it to you in person
Please come here, you are too far. MOVE TO ATLANTA. YOUR AWESOME GIRL.
Move to Atlanta. Thanks for everything. Will keep you posted on when they get here. Afif

Thank you. That is most considerate !

We’re interested in improving marketing our business, which helps both of us!
Can I call you Monday morning to discuss this? Pat
Yay! It’s another beautiful day!

You guys are quite a hit around here. Andy thought the design was really good, Ken.

Thank you for your srevices of you on creating a website for our business.
You helped build a top quality site at an affordable price.

Hi Erin,
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help through this process.
I hear the newsletters are beautiful! Take care and happy holidays! Sasha

Hi Bob, Long time I did not hear your news. Hope you still remember me, Very nice Menu printing.
I was ordering few times for Honshu Lounge project. Thank You , Victor

Thanks Bob, You came through again..

Thanks again for all your help! Sasha

Thanks so much. Very reasonable!!  Best,   Dan

Please save this for any time you need a recommendation
(or just feel like giving yourself a pat on the back):
Erin, I’ve worked as a magazine and newsletter editor for more than 20 years.
I learned early on that the most important entity in my life in terms of publishing
is NOT the printing company we use; it’s the person I interact with.
I have changed printing companies a few times in different positions because of that.
We’ve never met, but I know you to be fast, smart, helpful, insightful, and always pleasant and
courteous.  The first time you called me concerning a file I sent and said, “Bev, I think you might
want to take a look at…,”
I told our executive director that Diverse Imaging is a superior company.
This was before I even SAW the final product.

You are terrific, and I hope Diverse appreciates the value you bring to that company every day.

Good Afternoon Bob,
Thanks for the tour yesterday evening. Bill was impressed with the  samples you sent.
Here is the new file for the business card. Let me know if this will suit you.

Thanks Erin,  Appreciate you keeping the deadline..
Thanks, Janet A.

I met with my client today and she approved the proof that you sent me, “looks good”.

Thanks Bob, they look great! Patricia

Hi Bob-
I wanted to contact you about a new print job I have up and coming.
It is for line books for my clothing line. You did my books last season and they were great.
Thanks, looking forward to doing business again…Melissa C.

Erin: Thanks so much. I hear they came out great.
Love and hugs, Dan

Sorry about the numerous delays. This is why I told you guys to overcharge me a little on the
shipping. Hopefully we can do some more stuff in the very near future, nice work. Rick

I got the catalogs.  They look pretty good.  Jim

Bob. Thanks, they look great! Might have a small artist brochure coming up.
Will keep you posted. Regards, Dave